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Your Performance. Now.

The GEM platform provides a unique look into the merchant, developer and gateway performance perspectives to help management and technical staff use information daily to monitor and improve performance versus the market.

  • GEM has more than 20 participating payment gateways worldwide
  • Current subscribers account for an estimated 66% of all payment gateway volume in the U.S.

  • GEM reports on transaction activity from North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific

Watch the short video to learn more about the GEM platform.

What Can GEM Do For Me?


Assess API Performance 

GEM completes two assessments of each gateway’s API.

  • Integration: An experienced payments developer completes an integration for two specific APIs (auth/auth reversal)

  • Best-of-Breed API: A non-payments developer reviews the feature and functionality of a gateways documentation to score 13 items across API, Response Codes, and Versioning


Monitor Transactions

GEM uses pings and real transactions to monitor each gateway’s performance from over 20 different global locations 24/7/365. GEM measures:

  • Gateway Minute Outage
  • Response Time
  • Gateway Access
  • Gateway Availability
  • Transaction Average Response Time
  • Transaction Success Rate
  • Authorization Failures

Identify Merchant Pain Points

GEM completes an actual (anonymous) process of opening a new merchant account to obtain the ability to accept cards online, and logs the process from “cradle to grave” across six different categories:

  • Website Launch
  • Shopping Cart
  • Application
  • Underwriting
  • Total cost 
  • Ease to Launch

GEM Can Help

Third-party reporting is an important way to gain new insights, prove credibility with prospects, and understand areas of improvement.


GEM is not dependent on a gateway’s IT resources. Minimal interaction is required to board a gateway on the GEM platform. Allocation of resources is at the discretion of the subscriber and their performance goals based on GEM data.


GEM provides gateways with third-party credibility and allows them to market their performance publicly to prospects and current clients. Recognition from TSG’s Gateway Awards provides further honor for gateways to hang their hat on.


In a competitive space like payments, active development is key to keep up with other market leaders. Make sure you understand where you are coming from, where you are headed, and where you landed after platform enhancements

Schedule a Demo and Learn More

Email INFO@THESTRAWGROUP.COM or call 402.964.2617 to schedule time with the GEM team and make sure your payment gateway is winning.

In the meantime, please complete the form to download the GEM brief to learn more today.

Since joining GEM the team has worked closely with TSG to make tangible adjustments. TSG has helped us better understand and improve our platforms and integrations.