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The Strawhecker Group's (TSG) experience can be critical to driving success, whether its assisting buyers on their acquisition objectives, or guiding potential sellers on the value of their company in the marketplace. 

  • TSG has completed over 250 valuations of payments companies

  • TSG provides support to firms that have ranged in scale from $1M - $10B+ in transaction assessed value

  • TSG has advised on over 30 acquisition and investment transactions

See a selection of leading payments companies TSG has advised for:

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Buy/Sell Consulting Services

The following video and sections highlight TSG's expertise across buy-side and sell-side engagements, as well as details on what makes TSG's valuation services unique.

Additionally, download our brief case study to learn how TSG used a valuation exercise to help an ISO understand their market position among peer competitors, and open the door to several strategic opportunities allowing for growth and long-term profitability.

Please contact us to schedule time with the Buy/Sell team.


Buy-Side Search Engagements

Looking to make an acquisition? In an industry with more buyers than sellers, TSG has perfected a strategy to identify, qualify, and engage prospective owners that may be interested in selling their Payments enterprise. TSG provides options to assist buyers in meeting their acquisition objectives.

Engaged Search Option

TSG will propose an engagement to proactively identify, qualify, and engage prospective potential sellers that meet the buyer’s criteria, for a fixed engagement search fee and success fee basis

Referral Search Option

TSG will propose a Referral Agreement, and in the event that TSG becomes aware of a potential seller that meets the buyer’s criteria, TSG will introduce the prospective property on a success fee basis

One More Thing

TSG can assist buyers by acting as their advisor while they assess the financial value, benchmark key performance metrics, determine risk, and assess the value of any technology assets.

Sell-Side Transaction Engagements

Looking to sell? TSG has a pulse on the market and performs an extensive assessment of value drivers to ensure that potential “sellers” understand the value of their company in the marketplace – prior to starting the sales process.

Go To Market

Using the valuation information, TSG will create marketing materials that best highlights and illustrates the assets and strengths and future performance of the enterprise.

Prospect List

TSG will carefully curate a prospect list of proven buyers – that have the funds, deal experience, and bandwidth to close a deal.

One More Thing

Typical multiples range from 1X to 7X – reflecting the basic value components that make up the core value of any business – this illustrates why a structured valuation exercise is critical to pinpoint the value of a payments company

Valuation and Assessment Services

Do you know your value? TSG takes a "bottom up" approach analyzing the minutia of every merchant in the portfolio in order to accurately access its value. Conversely, others often take a top down approach, which is less specific.

Synthetic Portfolio Benchmark

Using a synthetic benchmark, clients can determine the relative performance of a portfolio vs. an identical synthetically derived benchmark comparison to precisely understand the relative strengths/weaknesses.

Enterprise Value Drivers - Technology

The recognized payment technology value historically has varied significantly, and without comprehensive payment platform knowledge, can be misunderstood or miss-calculated.

One More Thing

The value of the business is largely influenced by the projected growth  which is driven by two components: 1) attrition of the base portfolio and 2) new merchant account production

"Utilizing TSG was the key first step in going to market with our company. TSG’s detailed approach to valuing and assessing Main Street prepared us for the rigors of due diligence."
- Darryl Wright, CEO - Monetra