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The B2B Payment Network

Understanding how to optimize commercial card payments is key to capturing the B2B payments market and providing your suppliers with a better way to manage the cost of collections.

The Strawhecker Group (TSG) can:

  • Review, advise, and provide strategies to merchant acquirers to capture significant new volume by enabling commercial card payments
  • Identify how merchant acquirers are capturing market share by converting check and ACH to commercial card payments
  • Uncover independent software vendors (ISVs) within the U.S. that should offer integrated receivables and payables
  • Perform in-depth research and provide detailed market reporting on the B2B and Commercial Card Market

Whether starting new or improving the program you already have, there are critical questions you must ask. See below for key questions to consider. Also, download a brief case study about how TSG helped Conservice, a billing company in the utility industry, realize a 10% increase in revenue over 5 years.


Looking to Start a New AP Program?

No Cost

Do you know there is a simple way to start this program at no cost to you?

Earn Financial Rebates & Add Working Capital

Do you know how much financial benefits you could be generating?

Reducing Processes

Are you aware that you could be reducing manual processes and costs?

Improve Reconciliation

Are you looking for a way to improve reconciliation processes for yourself and your suppliers?

Do You Already Have an AP Program?


How old is your AP program?

Optimizing Returns

Are you optimizing your returns? Do you know you could potentially be leaving money on the table?


The competition among AP Automation companies is aggressive when bidding for new business, do you know how your program compares against the industry?


Are you looking to exceed supplier acceptance targets?

Case Study: B2B AP Automation

Conservice, a billing company in the utility industry, wanted to identify the best partner for their payables business to help optimize virtual card payments, streamline process, and provide an optimal incentive.

Complete the form to download the brief case study to understand the process TSG used to guide Conservice and how it turned into a 10% increase in revenue over 5 years.

Let's Talk About How to Win in B2B Payments

TSG is fully equipped to guide you through this initiative, help you partner with the right issuer to derive the most benefit from your program and maximize your ROI. Please email or call 402.964.2617 to discuss with us today. 

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