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Your Analytics. Now.

Big data can be a payments company's kryptonite if it's not accessible or comparable. TSG's analytics platform, AIM, turns this weakness into a superpower by harmonizing your merchant acquiring data to provide key metrics and market benchmarks.

  • AIM is a Platform that enables access to portfolio-specific and market benchmarks at a micro/macro-level of detail

  • The value of AIM is derived through the TSG data harmonization of multiprocessor settlement data

  • Along with data harmonization are standardized AIM metric calculations

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What Can AIM Do For Me?

Metrics can be cut and calculated thousands of ways to analyze payments industry benchmark metrics for like-merchants. The AIM platform is regularly used for:


Go-To-Market Pricing

"How do I competitively price new merchants?"

By benchmarking against only recently boarded merchants, subscribers can ensure their offering is competitively priced to market.


Right Pricing to Market

"Is there revenue potential within my portfolio back-book?"

By affecting only those merchants that are under-market, a portfolio can increase back-book revenue without adversely affecting attrition.


Vertical Strategy

"How do analytics support my vertical strategy?"

Whether identifying a new, attractive vertical or quantifying the opportunity, the metrics within AIM can support your vertically-focused initiatives.


Comparing KPIs

"How do I accurately track and compare performance?"

AIM can benchmark a companies KPIs and communicate strengths and weaknesses of a portfolio compared to the dynamic ecosystem.

AIM Subscriber Features

All payments companies have data, but not all can easily access it. AIM provides subscribers with three primary benefits to help access and analyze merchant acquiring data.

ADVICE: Quarterly Insights

Detailed custom readout of what is happening in the market and how your portfolio is performing


AIMvision is a seamless user interface for performance metrics, customized dashboards, and complex query building

REPORTS: Portfolio/Industry

Customized, recurring reporting sent to your inbox, including a headline report with high-level trends

Schedule a Demo and Learn More

Payments leaders prefer the power of AIM to tackle their big data problem and maximize profitability. Contact us to start putting your data to work.

In the meantime, watch the video below or learn about AIM's statistical representation of the U.S. payments market by completing the form. With transaction data from nearly half of all card-accepting merchants in the U.S., AIM closely mirrors the overall makeup of the U.S. card acceptance market and has a positive correlation with other data sets such as the U.S. Census.


The AIM product unequivocally provided us the insight that allowed us to better manage our merchant portfolio. As a direct result of utilizing AIM data to benchmark and adjust strategies, the value of our company increased over 5%.
CFO - Top Merchant Acquirer